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Rebecca Brown, LMHC

Hi, I’m Rebecca Brown~

Specialities: Anxiety, Depression, Family, Grief & Loss, LGBTQ+, Trauma, Troubled Teens

Finding your way through life’s myriad challenges requires courage, and my mission is to support you in this journey with empathy, understanding, and evidence-based practices. My academic journey at Saint Gregory’s University in Shawnee, Oklahoma, where I earned both my Bachelor’s in Social Science in Psychology and Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, has deeply informed my approach to mental health care. This education provided me with a robust foundation in the principles of psychology and counseling, empowering me to work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds facing a wide range of psychological challenges.

In my practice, I specialize in helping adolescents and young adults navigate the complexities of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and the unique stresses of transitioning to adulthood.

My approach is rooted in a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques, tailored to fit the individual needs of each client. I believe in creating a therapeutic space that is safe, accepting, and free from judgment, where my clients can explore their thoughts and emotions and find paths toward healing and growth.

Beyond my clinical work, I am passionate about mental health advocacy and education, striving to destigmatize mental health issues and promote greater understanding and support within the community.

In my free time, I enjoy connecting with nature, whether it’s through hiking, gardening, or simply spending time outdoors. These moments of connection with the natural world are not only personally rejuvenating but also inspire my work, reminding me of the importance of finding balance and harmony in our lives.

If you’re seeking support to overcome personal challenges, to grow, and to find greater fulfillment in life, I am here to help. Together, we can work towards building a more hopeful, empowered future.

I look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your journey.

Transform your life for the better.

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