A New Beginning Starts Now

At Seasons Psychotherapy Associates, we’re here to guide you toward positive change and meaningful personal growth. We are a team of Florida-based mental health care experts who are dedicated to the long-term success of our clients. Together, we’ll help you become the best version of yourself, and transform your life for the better.

What We Offer

Life throws a lot our way – sometimes more than we can handle alone. That’s where we come in. With a wide range of services, there’s no shortage of ways that our team can help you find clarity on the path ahead.

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Personalized Treatment

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we focus on your individual situation. Our sessions are designed to meet your unique needs, helping you overcome challenges with confidence and conviction.

Couples and Family Counseling

Relationships can be complicated. We’re here to help you smooth out any rough edges, whether it’s with your significant other or with anyone else in your household.

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Therapy for All Ages

From children grappling with new emotions to teens facing life transitions, our doors are open to everyone. Young or old, we know how to address what you’re facing.

Mental Health Immigration Evaluations

If you need asylum or a hardship waiver, our mental health evaluations provide thorough assessments and support to individuals going through the immigration process.

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Online Options

Busy schedule? Can’t visit one of our clinics in-person? No problem. Our online sessions let you access therapy from anywhere in the Sunshine State, at a time that suits you best.

Our Locations


Available from wherever
you are in Florida

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Fort Lauderdale

2601 E Oakland Park Blvd. Ste 205
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

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12505 Orange Drive
Suite 901
Davie, FL 33330

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3750 Gunn Highway
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Tampa, FL 33618

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Our Philosophy

Life brings different seasons. Some are filled with sunshine, others with storms. Our approach is rooted in recognizing these ups and downs, offering care that speaks directly to your circumstances.

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No matter what you’re going through, we believe therapy should be as natural as talking to a friend or neighbor. Whether you’re still learning how to deal with conflict or find yourself going through a rough patch, we’re here to share in those moments, making you feel comfortable and at ease.

It’s our mission to build relationships where you feel heard, valued, and understood. At the end of the day, our job is to help you navigate through every stage of life – with all the care, understanding, and warmth that you deserve.

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Why Choose Us?

Experienced Counselors

Our team members are not only qualified on paper, but are compassionate to their core. We're here to listen and work with you at a pace that benefits you the most.

Affordable and Accessible

We believe everyone should have access to quality mental health care, which is why we offer affordable options and flexible scheduling. Our practice also accepts most insurance plans, so you’re never without coverage.

Empathetic Support

Your comfort and privacy are our top priorities. We provide a safe, confidential environment where you are able to speak freely.

Ready to get started?

Taking the first step can be the hardest, but we’re here to make it easier. Get in touch with us to schedule your appointment. Whether you’re near one of our private practice offices in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, or Tampa – or prefer meeting with us virtually – we’re ready to help you begin your journey to better mental health.