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Crystal Worth, MS

Hi, I’m Crystal Worth~

Specialities: Anxiety, Depression, Family, Grief & Loss, LGBTQ+, PTSD, Special Needs, Trauma, Troubled Teens

I’m a dedicated psychotherapist with a strong commitment to guiding individuals through life’s complex challenges. Having personally navigated the complexities of divorce, remarriage, blended family dynamics, chronic illnesses in loved ones, and the profound impacts of grief and loss, I possess a deep empathy and understanding for those facing similar circumstances. My therapeutic approach is centered on providing a supportive and safe environment, allowing clients to explore their emotions and journey toward hope, courage, and wisdom.

Understanding that grief is a unique and personal experience, I am committed to supporting my clients through their individual processes, acknowledging that it’s completely normal to face periods where you just don’t feel okay. My role is to help navigate the complexities of emotions like worry, frustration, anger, and sadness, guiding each client toward healing.

The quest for a compatible therapist can be daunting, especially when overwhelmed by personal struggles. I’ve experienced this first-hand and believe in the importance of finding a therapist with whom you can genuinely connect and feel understood. My background in interior design, combined with years of nurturing a large family, has equipped me with the skills to listen attentively and understand the diverse needs of individuals, couples, and families.

My professional journey has led me to become a dual-licensed LCSW and LMFT, and I have enriched my practice with significant experiences in various therapeutic settings. I am particularly skilled in addressing severe mental health issues, as well as everyday life challenges, and hold certificates in Child Welfare from FAU, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).

I am proud to announce the expansion of my services to include Mental Health Immigration Evaluations, combining my commitment to support and my ongoing training in this specialized area. This addition aligns with my dedication to providing comprehensive care and support to a diverse client base.

As the founder of Seasons Psychotherapy Associates and a dedicated Florida Atlantic University alumnus, I continue to prioritize professional development and lifelong learning. Additionally, I am a Qualified Supervisor for Registered Clinical Social Worker Interns and am currently accepting new supervisees. I also offer MSW field placements to graduate students. It is a special passion of mine to help new clinicians fall in love with talk therapy and all things private practice.

Due to my current schedule constraints, I am unable to take on new clients for regular weekly psychotherapy sessions. However, I provide a distinctive form of psychotherapy tailored for clients who prefer short-term, intensive sessions. This approach compresses the therapeutic process, traditionally spread over weeks, into just a few days, ensuring a focused and effective treatment experience without diminishing its impact.

Outside of professional endeavors, I enjoy immersing myself in activities like traveling, reading, cooking, and scuba diving. My family, including my four children and Zoe, my trained therapy dog, remains a central part of my life, providing constant joy and grounding. 

If you are a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern seeking supervision, interested in short-term intensive psychotherapy, or in need of a Mental Health Immigration Evaluation, please reach out to our office to schedule a time to connect with me. Together, we can create a therapeutic space that promotes relaxation, non-judgment, and meaningful progress toward well-being.

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