T’shelle Taylor, LMFT

Hi, I’m T’shelle Taylor.

Have you been feeling overwhelmed? Like you’re running out of options and you’re just tired of feeling “this way.”

My job is to help you make a change. Too often life gets difficult and can feel really hard to manage. Does feeling miserable, misunderstood, unsupported, and exhausted sound familiar?

I’d like you to imagine feeling supported, imagine expressing yourself freely and openly to someone who gets you and does not judge. Imagine knowing that there’s someone out there that truly cares about your needs and what you have to say. No more questioning, “am I saying too much?” Or, “will they look at me differently?” Or, “will they even understand.”

You’ve found yourself in the right place. Therapy is a safe space to talk, share, think, question, and grow.

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist wanting to help you tackle your life’s difficulties. As your therapist, my mission is to help you explore your values, experiences, connections, and communication patterns. Through this exploration we will work towards facilitating behavioral changes that improve your overall quality of life.

I have a passion for working with people from all different walks of life. My specialty areas include anxiety, depression, coping skills, interpersonal conflict, relationship conflict, and stress/life management. I approach therapy from a trauma-informed, collaborative approach as it is my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment, where we can connect and work together to achieve solutions.

I earned my master’s degree in Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy from the University of Central Florida. Since then, I’ve worked in multiple settings offering individual, family, and couples therapy. I have experience working with children, adults, couples, and families

utilizing integrative interventions from cognitive behavioral therapy, strength-based approaches, and mindfulness practices.

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