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Comprehensive Immigration Assessments

At Seasons Psychotherapy Associates, we understand the unique emotional and psychological challenges that individuals and families face during the immigration process. We are dedicated to providing professional and culturally sensitive services to support our clients in their pursuit of justice and well-being. Our team of diverse licensed mental health practitioners offers detailed immigration evaluations tailored to various legal cases, including Asylum, Extreme Hardship Waivers, VAWA, T Visas, and U Visas.

Thorough Evaluation Process

Our immigration evaluations are designed to provide comprehensive assessments that highlight the psychological and emotional aspects relevant to your specific legal case. With our expertise and compassionate approach, we strive to help individuals present their cases effectively and navigate the complex immigration system.

Consultations with Immigration Attorney

Collaborating closely with immigration attorneys, we gather necessary information and align our evaluations with legal requirements, ensuring a strong case presentation.

Clinical Interview with Primary Client

Our licensed mental health practitioners conduct thorough clinical interviews, creating a safe and supportive environment to discuss experiences, concerns, and emotional well-being. We understand the psychological impact of past traumas or hardships that may be relevant to your legal case.

Interviews with Family Members

To obtain a comprehensive understanding, we conduct interviews with relevant family members, acknowledging the significance of family dynamics in immigration cases.

Review of Client Records

We review client records, including medical and mental health documents, to gain a holistic view and provide a well-rounded evaluation.

Appropriate Mental Health Assessments

Our team utilizes specialized assessments to evaluate mental health conditions, trauma, and the impact of the immigration process on emotional well-being, contributing to a comprehensive evaluation report.

Complete Written Report

We prepare a detailed written report summarizing evaluation findings, incorporating relevant legal criteria, and providing an objective analysis of psychological well-being. A draft of the report is available for attorney review and consultation.

Services and Fees

Fees for our core evaluation services start at $1,100. Optional services such as court appearances, travel, and language interpretation are also available for an additional cost.


Seasons Psychotherapy Associates is dedicated to supporting individuals and families throughout the immigration evaluation process. Our diverse team of licensed mental health practitioners brings cultural sensitivity and expertise to each case, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation that meets the specific requirements of Asylum Cases, Extreme Hardship Waivers, VAWA Cases, T-Visas, and U-Visas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take a crucial step toward presenting a strong and compelling case.