Lauren Mirones

Yoga Instructor

Lauren is a yoga instructor at seasons.

Lauren began her yoga journey during the 2020 pandemic. Online yoga became a daily practice to help her cope with stress and navigate the challenges of quarantine and being a student. Lauren’s interest in meditation and holistic approaches to wellness began at an early age. Starting in middle school she became interested in astrology, mindfulness, and holistic approaches to well-being.

Lauren loves how yoga helped her mature and grow into the young woman she is today. Yoga helped Lauren build a positive body image, deepen her spiritual connection to a higher power, improve her physical strength and flexibility, ease depression, reduce anxiety and improve her mental health.

Yoga changed Lauren’s life so much that she wants to share her passion for practicing yoga with anyone who is interested in learning more. She has found that yoga helps:

  • build muscle strength
  • enhance flexibility
  • promote better breathing
  • improve physical health
  • reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain
  •  improve sleep
  •  enhance overall well-being and quality of life

Lauren is currently offering small group and private classes. Private yoga sessions are specialized to the specific student’s needs through Hatha, Vinyasa, or Yin postures and meditation techniques. Yoga has been proven to target anxiety, ease depression, reduce insomnia, improve meditation skills, and foster self-love/care.

Lauren also offers:

  •       yoga for kids
  •       yoga for athletes
  •       yoga for teens
  •       yoga to improve flexibility
  •       yoga for weight loss
  •       yoga for strength
  •       yoga to improve mobility
  •       yoga to improve overall body-breathe connection

Lauren loves to personalize the experience and make sure the student is receiving as many benefits as possible.

Lauren is grateful to have been led to the practice of yoga. Join her on your own journey to wellness.

Lauren is a graduate of the Om Joyful School of Yoga where she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training under Lydia Lizano, LMFT, RYT500. She currently teaches at Om Joyful Yoga as well as private condo communities throughout Broward county.


Individual Class – $65 (*location flexible)

Lauren is an Independent Contractor working with Seasons Psychotherapy Associates. Please call Seasons to get Lauren’s direct contact information to schedule a class or ask her questions.