Julia Capleton, LMFT

Hi, I’m Julia.

I help couples and individuals struggling with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions. Do you need help tackling life’s ups and downs? Are you seeking to develop healthier boundaries, effective communication, and enhance your coping skills?

My role as a therapist is to help clients explore the places they feel stuck, rediscover their authentic selves, and develop new skills and perspectives to flourish. Working with me you can expect an approach rooted in collaboration, empathy, empowerment, and curiosity. We will work together to find what helps you improve your overall well being.

I understand that relationships are HARD. There are a million books out there on where to find love and how to keep it once you’ve found it. There are self-help books that fill up multiple aisles in the bookstore. There are books on how to resolve conflict, how to make yourself happy, how to stop worrying, how to retire, how to go to college, how to grieve a lost loved one or a break-up, and on and on…

What the bookstores don’t have is someone that wants to get to know you and how unique and special you are. For me, one of the greatest aspects of being a therapist is that I get to be a part of someone’s journey to truly discover themselves. I love being that unbiased person in my client’s life that helps them look at their life story and write a new ending. Life doesn’t have to be so hard.

I work together with my clients to help them understand their underlying issues and needs. We dig up what has led them to withdraw, be angry, or sink into despair. We do this in a safe and empathetic environment where you feel supported, encouraged, and validated. My job is to help my clients re-establish strong bonds with others and themselves. Together we will identify the negative patterns that repeat, learn how to interrupt those and instead create a path to personal growth that is exciting, rewarding, and possible.

I’m a proud graduate of Nova Southeastern University. My previous work experience involved working with teenagers in a school-based setting providing both individual and group counseling. I also have experience working with couples on relationship issues.

Transform your life for the better.

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