Courtney Tyson, MS

Hello, I’m Courtney.

Are you considering prioritizing your mental health and wellbeing? Amid life’s complexities, it’s often a challenge to address our own needs. Remember, your feelings, experiences, and truths are not only valid but profoundly significant.

I firmly believe in the inherent potential every individual has, urging them to evolve into their best selves. Nonetheless, various obstacles—be it fear, societal norms, substance abuse, perfectionist tendencies, grief, or regrets—can hinder this natural progression. Life’s demands are formidable and unrelenting. As a Counselor, my role is to hear your narrative, assist you in navigating these challenges, and support your journey towards the person you aspire to be. Trained extensively in medical counseling, my primary focus is on you—understanding your viewpoint, fostering your growth, and offering empathetic guidance. Therapy, when approached with genuine empathy, can be a powerful medium for healing, and I’m eager to embark on this transformative journey with you.

With a status as a Registered Intern, I have three years of dedicated experience in the realm of mental health. My academic journey led me to the University of Central Florida, where I secured my Master’s Degree in Counselor Education. Additionally, I pursued a Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology from the State University of New York. Immersing myself in varied cultures, faiths, and worldviews is a passion of mine, shaping my open-minded approach to therapy. My tenure as a school counselor has equipped me to adeptly address the needs of children, teenagers, and young adults, particularly those grappling with anxiety, depression, behavioral concerns, or low self-esteem. Moreover, I’m well-versed in supporting the LGBTQA community, ensuring a safe and inclusive therapeutic environment.

Outside the therapy room, my interests are diverse. Video games capture my imagination, rock music fuels my spirit, and I both indulge in and craft tales from the realms of science fiction and horror. Born and raised in New York, I’ve recently found myself enamored with Florida’s serene natural splendor.

Together, let’s embrace the journey of self-discovery and well-being.

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