Online Therapy In Fort Lauderdale, FL

Seasons Psychotherapy provides online therapy over a secure video platform. No online service can and will ever fully replace in-person therapy sessions, we still need to take care of our mental health when leaving the house is challenging, impractical, or downright impossible.

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy (or telehealth) is the provision of healthcare remotely by means of telecommunications technology.

That’s simple, right? You may have used FaceTime or Skype in the past. Conversely, you’ve also probably gotten pretty familiar with Zoom over the past few months.

Online therapy is similar, the only difference is we use a HIPAA compliant platform.

A woman in her online therapy session.

What To Expect

First, when you are seeking any type of therapy at Seasons Psychotherapy Associates you will receive a brief phone call to assess what type of help you are needing.

Then, you’ll be matched to the therapist that you choose or we will suggest one based upon your particular needs. Your therapist will then send you a link to login to our easy to use and private client portal.

All of Seasons intake paperwork and forms will be completed through the portal with e-signatures.

Finally, you’ll receive email reminders about your appointment, and you’ll be one click away from joining your online session! We promise to make it as easy as possible.

What So Great About Online Therapy?

  • You’ll stay safe
  • It’s convenient
  • You can be comfortable doing online therapy
  • You’ll never run into someone you know

Some Common Concerns:

I am terrible at computers, won’t it be too complicated?

Our therapists are great at walking you through the whole online therapy process. Please don’t let fear of technology hold you back from trying.

What about privacy?

The platform Seasons uses is HIPAA compliant and private. We ask that you turn your phone on silent, get comfy, and put up either a verbal or physical “d not disturb” sign for you loved ones.

Will my insurance cover telehealth?

It’s important for you to call and verify that online therapy is covered by your particular plan. However, COVID-19 has precipitated many insurance companies to add telehealth coverage to their list of covered services.



Take The Step!

A doctor having a telehealth consultation

Your life and the world may seem out of control right now. We have all collectively suffered losses since the pandemic started. You may have been suffering with your own life circumstances even before COVID-19 hit.

Whatever the case may be, if you are here on this page you have come to the right place. We are here to help. Pick up the phone today and call 954-342-0982 for a free consultation.

It’s time you seek help to become the best you possible. Please reach out soon.